Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Important Dates

Newton County Courthouse, Neosho, MO
08/18/06 Ex Parte Order - George Otis Johnston
08/22/06 Order to Remove Children From Compound
08/24/06 Warrant Issued - Johnston
08/25/06 Turned Himself in - Johnston
08/28/06 Child Custody Hearings
08/28/06 Ex Parte Hearing - Johnston
08/30/06 Arraignment @ 10:00 am - Johnston, 8 Counts Statutory Sodomy, Div II Assoc. Circuit Court 'pleads non guilty'
09/06/06 Johnston's Attorney, Andrew Patrick Wood, filed Motion for Dismissal of sex charges
09/11/06 9 more felony charges filed - Johnston
09/18/06 Arraignment & Preliminary Hearing @ 1:15pm - Johnston
09/28/06 Judge Kevin Selby recused himself
09/28/06 Arraignment @ 1:30pm - Johnston CR1436-01, postponed pending assignment of new judge
10/16/06 Preliminary Hearing @ 1:15pm - Johnston CR01560
11/02/06 Arraignment @ 1:30pm - Johnston CR1660-01
11/09/06 Preliminary hearing @ 9:00am - Johnston CR01176
12/04/06 Pre-Trial Conference @ 9:00am - Johnston CR01436-01
02/23/07 Trial by Jury @ 9:00am - Johnston CR01436-01 Jurors to be secured from another county and brought to Newton Co.
02/26/07 Trial by Jury, Opening Statements @ 1:15pm - Johnston CR01436-01

McDonald County Courthouse, Pineville, MO.
08/15/06 Warrants Issued - Raymond Lambert, Patty Lambert, Tom Epling, Paul Epling
08/21/06 Turned Themselves in & Arraignment - Lambert, Lambert, Epling, Epling 'pleads not guilty'
08/30/06 Warrant Issued - George Otis Johnston
08/31/06 Turned Himself in - Johnston
09/15/06 Motion to Prohibit Media Statements filed
09/18/06 Adult Abuse Hearing @ 9:00am - Johnston
09/27/06 Motion to Dismiss charges - Tom Epling, Paul Epling
09/27/07 Judge John R. LePage dismissed
09/27/06 Judge Greg Stremel appointed to cases - Epling, Epling, Lambert, Lambert
09/28/06 Motion to Dismiss Count II against Patricia Lambert
10/02/06 Preliminary Hearing @ 1:00pm - Lambert, Lambert, Epling, Epling
11/09/06 Preliminary Hearing - Johnston CR1176
08/28/07 Full Order of Protection - Johnston CV00628
09/19/07 Full Order of Protection - Johnston CV00628-01
02/19/08 Arraignment Hearing @ 9:00am - Lambert CR00293


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad that this website exists. Someone took a lot of time in creating this timeline so others concerned could follow this case. I think that anybody and everybody who knows these people and how these people are, needs to come to the hearing to support the people who left the compound. Let me tell you, this is going to be a difficult thing for those who lived there to have to face, so all the support from the community could only help them.

12:17 AM  

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