Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Family Tree

This is an attempt to put together the Epling-Johnston-Labert Family Tree. It may lead us to more victims. My thanks to Tara Brown of KODE TV for opening our eyes to this alledged Family secret.

1.0 (father to J.C., George Otis and Raymond's mother)
1.1 J. C. Johnston (the Godfather) Vinton, Ohio; Independent Baptist Church
1.2 George Otis Johnston (the Grandpa) Vinton, OH; Newtonia, MO; Granby, MO; Grandview Valley Baptist Church, m. Dianne Johnston
1.2.1 Shelly, m. Doug daughter daughter daughter
1.2.2 Missy, m. Paul Burnett(x), m. Darrel daughter son
1.2.3 Trena, m. George twin sons twin sons
1.3 (mother to Raymond Lambert, ? name)
1.3.1 Raymond Lambert, Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church, m. Patricia (Epling)Lambert
1.4 other siblings?
1.5 other siblings?
1.6 Deanna (adopted ?)

2.0 Cecil Lee Epling (father to Thomas, Paul, Patricia and 4 other siblings)
2.1 Thomas Epling, m. Laura Epling
2.2 Paul Epling
2.3 Patricia Epling-Lambert
2.4 ? name
2.5 ? name
2.6 ? name
2.7 ? name


Sunday, September 03, 2006

What Do You Think?

The Neosho Daily News is providing thorough and comprehensive coverage of the Newton and McDonald County cases. In turn, their readers are providing thought provoking commentary on the cases using a weblog, Sexual Abuse Charges Against Church Pastors. The weblog comments are both sad, sympathetic and supportive.